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About Hospital

Life Medicity Hospital is established in 86000 sq ft campus. Inhouse facilities for over 30 multi & Super specialties available all under one roof. We also have Mahakaushal first international piles clinic & G I physiology lab. We are conducted to provide best health care facility for the people of the Mahakaushal and Vindhya region.

A 200 bedded facility offers treatment across all medical disciplines of cardiaology, oncology (medical & surgical), neurology & neuro surgery, gynecology & obstetrics, bariatric surgery, knee replacement, urology, nephrology, Orthopedic and joint replacement, advance cosmetic surgery, pulmonology, pediatric and neonatal care etc. A team of eminent consultant have ensured that the highest standard are always maintained. Our aim has always been to bring world-class medical care within the reach of common man.

Life Medicity Hospital Started 7 Latest Department in whole Mahakaushal & Vindhya region.

  • 1. International Piles Laser Clinic.
  • 2. G I Physiology.
  • 3. Pain Clinic.
  • 4. Varicose Vein Clinic.
  • 5. Infertility Centre.
  • 6. Gastroenterology (with NBI imaging & EUS ).
  • 7. Bariatric Surgery, Intragastric Balloon Therapy.
  • 8. Day Care Surgery Department with minimal stay & cost.

Core Value & Salient Features

Core Value

  • Teamwork:- We foster an atmosphere of trust, collegiality, collaboration, openness and cooperation.
  • Integrity:- We adhere to the highest moral and professional standards of the honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency.
  • Excellence:- We will demonstrate outstanding customer service continuous quality improvement in leadership in our field.
  • Creativity & Innovation:- We continuously explore and develop new and advanced ways that challenge the status quo to enhance our clients' quality of life.
  • Respect:- We promise to honor the dignity, individuality and rights of everyone, and to pay particular attention to patients' rights to privacy, confidentiality and information. We will include concerned loved ones in our circle of care.

Salient Features

  • 200 beds available.
  • Advance critical care units and Laminar flow modern Operation theaters.
  • Treatments for 30 Specialties available with specialty clinics
  • Critical care department that is 24*7 functional.
  • Oncology department has treatment facilities for managing different cancer types in adults & children.
  • International piles clinic.
  • Varicose vain clinic.
  • Highley complex procedures like total knee replacement, bariatric surgery etc.
  • Various cosmetic & skin enchasing procedures are routinely carried out.
  • 24 * 7 ambulance service provided.
  • Round the clock services for ICU, OT’s, Laboratory & Pharmacy.
  • 16 slice GE CT Scan
  • Cath lab Cardiac Surgery.