Center for Child Care at Life Medicity Hospital has state-of-the-art facility in Jabalpur and provides excellent and highly personalized medical care to children up to twelve years of age. We are a one-stop destination for childcare services that includes surgical, pediatric and immunization services. We have a team of experienced pediatricians and pediatric surgeons who specialize in pediatric surgery, pediatric endocrinology, pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery, pediatric pulmonology, pediatric nephrology, pediatric oncology, and adolescent pediatrics.

Neonatal & Pediatric Surgery

The department is supported by neonatal transport service, very highly equipped neonatal intensive care & endoscopic equipments. Specialized facilities exist for management of emergencies and surgical problems in infants & children. The hospital is committed to provide best care in a patient friendly setting at an affordable cost.

Add: Agha Chowk, Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh.


Phone Number: 0761 - 4925150 / 51 / 52

What's up Number: 06261912319

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